Architectural Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell's Night Walk

In the world of fashion, there has been a movement in footwear. Whether it can be credited to the ever-evolving Lady Gaga or to great minds that have a desire to transform footwear, the movement is incredible. I am oft criticized for my taste in crazy shoes. "How on earth could you even walk in those?" my friends will say. Well I decided to find out. So I took off to find a pair of these babies and tried them on.
     I slid my feet in, one by one, and fastened the straps. I stood up and took a few steps around the boutique. It was almost too easy. I had pondered how walking in the Night Walks would be possible, but if you look at the structure of the shoe, it makes perfect sense. It's a wedge and I could draw a straight line from top to bottom of where it seems to be "missing" part of the shoe. The support is under the heel and at the ground where necessary; it just doesn't translate that way visually. 

You can find this buy at SoleStruck for $169.95! When I have the extra cash, I will welcome it into my wardrobe!


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