EUPHORIA: OSU's Student Fashion show

     Toward the end of each year, Oklahoma State University's Apparel Design program hosts a student fashion show - but this year was different. Last year, the fashion show took place in the college's skywalk, which is big enough to host a small show and invite a handful of guests. This year, the show was hosted in Human Science's "U" in an outdoor, three-story tent. 
     Most of the seniors designed and created a senior collection, which was done outside of class projects on their own time. In addition, some of the younger students entered a few pieces in the show. The categories ranged from casual to cocktail and repurposed fashion to corsets. 

Here are some photos from the incredible event that I was blessed to be a part of. All photos should be organized and labeled by tonight!!

Carli Waken


 Emily Ferrell

Designer walk.

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