Jon Troast: The Man of Living Room Concerts

Photo by Casey Brooks

So on Monday, my mom's best friend called to invite us to a concert. This one was different. It would be held in her living room. We arrived to house and were served hors d'oeuvres and drinks before convening in the living room for this man's performance. He came alone with only a mic, keyboard and acoustic guitar for his performance. I thought it was kind of odd - a living room tour. But before Jon Troast began his concert for us in that small living room, he explained that for a time he played in restaurants and bars - public places - and felt like people only passed by him and never listened to the words he was singing. He said that he wanted to play for people who not only wanted to hear but listen. After hearing this, I completely understood why he does what he does. His songs range from humorous to sentimental and they get stuck in your head. It was neat to have an intimate environment for a change of pace. It was a great experience and I would definitely consider hosting a living room concert someday. If you're a fan of acoustic music or raw artistry, check him out on iTunes!

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